Pro accessories

Our workshop opens the doors of its factories, allowing you to access products of use quottienne, at attractive prices.
The key doors and badges are marked in France by us, guaranteeing you an exeptional reactivity.
  • Advertising keychain

    Custom acetate key doors

    Advertising key door to offer Custom Keychain Manufacturing, starting at 100 pieces!

    Our workshop offers different models of handmade keyrings. They are derived from the cellulose acetate plates used by our eyewear craftsman. We market unique models and offer the ability to create custom keyrings. The marking is done in mono or quad color, and can be done on both front and/or back/back. We take the pattern of the glasses, key element of the brand Les Binocles Par Emeline. They are made in France and assembled by hand, in our workshop located near Reims.

  • Magnetized badges

    Magnetized acetate badges

    Stand out!

    Our workshop offers different models of magnetized acetate bages. They are derived from cellulose acetate plates used to make our eyewear collection.

    We sell 3 forms of badges in a variation of 5 colors. Color or non-colour marking is included in the price.

    They are made in France and assembled by hand, in our workshop located near Reims.

  • The Chamoisines

    The High-End Chamoisines

    Stand out!

    Thanks to our structure, you benefit from advantageous rates on our chamoisines 250g quad print, straight or toothed edges, 80% polyester / 20% nylon

    Be careful we don't do graphic design

    Thanks for providing us with a pdf file, ai... vectored in the desired format (10X15 or 15X15cm) to send us by email following your order

  • The cases
    We offer a selection of cases from the top sales of our partner factory.

    They are customizable with your logo, and you have the choice of color.

    Please contact us for any technical request.
  • Pupil screen
    Accessories adapted to the optician's job in the context of the covid crisis 19