Advertising keychain

Custom acetate key doors

Advertising key door to offer Custom Keychain Manufacturing, starting at 100 pieces!

Our workshop offers different models of handmade keyrings. They are derived from the cellulose acetate plates used by our eyewear craftsman. We market unique models and offer the ability to create custom keyrings. The marking is done in mono or quad color, and can be done on both front and/or back/back. We take the pattern of the glasses, key element of the brand Les Binocles Par Emeline. They are made in France and assembled by hand, in our workshop located near Reims.

  • Advertising key door in acetate

    Advertising key to offer to your customers. Personalize them with your name and phone number, with the ability to make a color or white marking.Tell us which text to customize in the "product customization" tab.A BAT will be sent to you before any shipment into production.The shipments are made in a mix of colours.Prices are decreasing from 250 and 500...

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